Thursday, January 20, 2005

no more typos in d-i po files

I finally announced the project I've worked on in the past few week (should I say months?!): a set of shell scripts which automatically spellcheck translations (po files) of the d-i using aspell.

Here's the link in case you wanted to take a look:

Within a few hours I got positive feedback and I'm glad I've been asked already things that were just in the back of my mind for a long time:

"could it be used for other projects (kde,gnome)?"

the answer is yes... the thing is not that flexible yet but one day it'll be indeed

"I see a potential for improving the dictionaries as well, to detect missing words."

definitely; I also think we'll see more languages with a debianized aspell dictionary.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

I'm an web addict

Tonight I got back home earlier from the office with a lot of plans and energy... I could not connect to the provider: I got mad! I tried to call the company and they said everything was ok so I thought something in my config was wrong; after a couple of hours spent changing configurations (I even tried using Windoze!) I phoned again and they said that they already knew something was wrong because of my previous call and within 48 hours somebody would fix the problem and when I asked "but they said everything is ok: is it ok or is not?" the lady sounded lost... I didn't give up and when I tried using the default login and password given to nw users it worked!!! they somehow did a sort of big reset... I felt so bad and lost not being able to to my daily tasks: do I need a shrink?

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