Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Almost two years...

After almost two years, a new version of freefont has been released. Credits go to Steve White who took over the maintainance and to bubulle who took care of reviewing and uploading the new package, and who kept the project alive through the Debian BTS during all these months of inactivity.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Font tips #3: digits width

A while back Frans filed an interesting bug explaining the reason why digits width should always be the same.

Finding out if the previous condition is true, is just a matter of creating a sample text file

FONT="DejaVu Sans Oblique"
OUTFNAME=$(echo ${FONT} | sed -e "s| |_|g")
for i in $(seq 0 9) ; do
for j in $(seq 1 ${numdigits}) ; do
echo -n $i >> numeri.txt
printf "\n" >> numeri.txt

and creating a waterfall image:

pango-view --font="${FONT}" --waterfall --dpi=72 -q -o ${OUTFNAME}.png numeri.txt

The resulting image shows how Dejavu Oblique is victim of a regression at size 9 and 10 (credits to fjp who spotted it once more!)

bugreport filed.


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