Sunday, March 15, 2009


74 bugs

In a previous post I've talked about a bug affecting the ttf-dejavu package; I've extended the test to all font files in the Debian archive and come up with the following numbers: of the 192 packages containg at least one TrueType font file, 74 are affected by the digits width problem for a total of 672 ttf files.

Result are available here

The bug can be reproduced with pango-view (ttf-tmuni was chosen in this example):

perl -e 'for my $i (0..9){print "$i" x 80; print "\n";}'  > sample.txt
pango-view --font="Tibetan Machine Uni" --waterfall --dpi=72 -q -o out.png sample.txt

Comments are welcome before I start filing the bugreports


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