Saturday, March 15, 2008


Font tips #3: digits width

A while back Frans filed an interesting bug explaining the reason why digits width should always be the same.

Finding out if the previous condition is true, is just a matter of creating a sample text file

FONT="DejaVu Sans Oblique"
OUTFNAME=$(echo ${FONT} | sed -e "s| |_|g")
for i in $(seq 0 9) ; do
for j in $(seq 1 ${numdigits}) ; do
echo -n $i >> numeri.txt
printf "\n" >> numeri.txt

and creating a waterfall image:

pango-view --font="${FONT}" --waterfall --dpi=72 -q -o ${OUTFNAME}.png numeri.txt

The resulting image shows how Dejavu Oblique is victim of a regression at size 9 and 10 (credits to fjp who spotted it once more!)

bugreport filed.


This sounds like a good feature to add to the Debian fonts review. What do you think? Perhaps you can bring it up on the fonts list?
Great work.
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